Filippo Mecacci

Filippo J. Mecacci joins Thales Solutions as Advisory Board Member.

Thales Solutions Luxembourg is extremely happy and proud to announce the appointment of Filippo J. Mecacci as Member of the Advisory Board of the company.
Filippo as a seasoned professional with 30 years of solid experience will not only be a real asset for the firm, but an absolute load-bearing wall to our development in governance and asset valuation activities.

Filippo is a business leader and business polymath with extensive executive management, finance, and business development experience gained with US public companies and manufacturing enterprises. He has a strategic mindset, leadership, and communication skills to inspire, drive execution and deliver results. Filippo also possesses a clear, analytical mind and a unique ability to translate complexity into insights, helping enterprises build solid investment cases, leveraging core competencies to unlock full business potential.

With 25+ years of executive management experience with S&P 500, Fortune 1000 industrial corporations, Filippo has worked in 15+ countries across three continents and served as board director in Europe and Asia. I have lived on both the East and West Coast of the United States and in six countries in Europe. Filippo has a Master’s Degree of Economics and Banking from Univeristy of Siena, Italy.


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