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How to invest through a securitization vehicle

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To repackage assets into interest-bearing securities, they are pooled through the process of securitization. The interest payments on the original assets are paid to the investors who buy the repackaged securities. When an institution creates a tradable financial instrument by combining or pooling different financial assets, such as several mortgages, the securitization process gets started. […]

Interview with Ivaylo MARKOV, Managing Partner, Thales Capital Luxembourg “Investors expect solid and robust projects”

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Could you briefly introduce Thales Capital Luxembourg? Thales Capital Luxembourg is a licensed, in dependent advisor with an average 20 years of experience for its members, specialized indelivering the tailored, turn-key solutions, so requested by clients, including full connec tivity to the banking and investment systems and providers, both in Luxembourg and worldwide. We have […]


  • What is a securitization vehicle, and how does it work in investment?
  • What types of assets can be securitized, and what are the benefits for investors?
  • How does risk assessment and credit rating impact investment decisions in securitization vehicles?
  • Are securitization vehicles suitable for individual retail investors, or are they more geared towards institutional investors?
    • Thales Capital Luxembourg is a licensed, independent advisor specialized in private capital management, fund structuring, governance, investments and capital raising.


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