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A fund platform is a digital service or platform that facilitates the buying, selling, and managing of various investment funds. It gives individuals and institutional investors a centralized and convenient interface to access various investment options.

Fund platforms offer diverse investment funds, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), index funds, and other professionally managed portfolios. Different asset management companies often provide these funds, allowing investors to choose from a broad spectrum of investment strategies and asset classes.

Understanding Investment Fund Platforms and Their Benefits

An investment fund platform serves as an intermediary that connects investors with a multitude of investment funds. It functions as a centralized marketplace where investors can access and invest in various funds without the need for direct contact with each fund manager. This streamlined approach offers several advantages.

First and foremost, fund platforms provide investors with enhanced convenience and efficiency. By consolidating numerous investment options within a single platform, investors can easily browse, compare, and select funds that align with their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizons. This simplifies the investment process and saves valuable time.

Furthermore, fund platforms often provide access to funds that may be otherwise inaccessible to individual investors due to minimum investment requirements or exclusive eligibility criteria. This broadens the investment landscape and allows investors to diversify their portfolios effectively.

Fund Platform Types and Their Investment Criteria

Fund platforms can be categorized into different types based on their investment criteria. These criteria typically include the asset class, geographic focus, risk profile, and investment strategy. 

Our fund platform includes equity, fixed-income, balanced, and alternative investment funds, among others. Each type caters to specific investment objectives and risk appetites. Whether you seek growth, income, capital preservation, or a combination thereof, our platform offers an assortment of options to suit your preferences.

Fund Platform Management and Fees

Our dedicated team carefully curates and monitors the funds available on our platform. We assess fund managers’ track records, investment processes, and risk management practices to ensure that only high-quality funds are made accessible to our clients.

Our fees include platform administration, transaction, and ongoing fund management fees. Thales Capital aims to maintain transparency by providing clear information on all applicable fees, empowering our clients to make well-informed investment decisions.

Fund Platform Performance and Risks

Assessing the performance of funds is crucial for investors. Thales Capital’s fund platform offers detailed performance data, including historical returns, risk metrics, and benchmark comparisons. This information assists investors in evaluating fund performance and making informed decisions.

It is important to note that investing in funds involves risks. Fund values can fluctuate, and past performance is not indicative of future results. The fund platform enables investors to diversify their investments, spreading risk across multiple funds. However, it is essential to carefully assess each fund’s risk profile and align it with your own risk tolerance.

Choosing the Right Fund Platform for Your Investment Strategy

Fund platforms offer different investment options. For better flexibility, you can create a fund and place it on the Thales Capital fund platform as we work with a variety of investment vehicles and investment strategies.

Selecting the right fund platform is paramount to achieving your investment goals. Thales Capital’s fund platform provides a range of investment options, extensive fund research, transparent fee structures, and robust risk management practices.

Why us, could be responded by the What sets us apart, namely:

Profound expertise

We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of our client’s needs. Headquartered in Luxembourg but with a global reach, we are experts in cross-border solutions. Thales Capital team has an average of 20 years of experience gained at international banks and leading investment firms.


Punctuality and discretion are primordial to long-term financial development and investment performance. Thales Capital delivers well-planned, reliable advice and execution you can rely on. and are committed to being at your disposal.

Loyalty to our customers

To ensure that your interests and goals are always pursued efficiently and effectively, we have a lean and agile structure.

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