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Managed accounts are investment portfolios managed by professional capital managers on behalf of individual investors. These portfolios are customized to suit each client’s specific needs and objectives. 

The Benefits of Investing in Managed Accounts

Investing in managed accounts offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides access to professional money managers who have extensive knowledge and experience in the financial markets. This expertise allows for more informed investment decisions and potentially higher returns. Additionally, managed accounts offer customization and flexibility, enabling investors to align their portfolios with their unique investment preferences.

Types of Managed Accounts and Their Investment Criteria

There are a few types of managed accounts available to individual investors. They include:

  1. Individually Managed Accounts. IMAs are specialized share portfolios created and maintained by a money manager for a client. Depending on his requirements and preferences, an investor can add or remove specific shares from the manager’s model portfolio. 
  2. Separately Managed Accounts. SMAs are built using sample security portfolios that are accessible through an investing business. It primarily functions as a product-based service. The model portfolio consists of several securities that the investors hold. Different models have various advantages. As a result, if customers wish to invest across many portfolios, they must create numerous individual accounts
  3. Managed Discretionary Accounts. Discretionary investment accounts, or MDAs, allow a money manager to trade securities without obtaining the investor’s consent in each instance. A discretionary agreement between the investor and the management must be signed, outlining trading restrictions for the manager to follow.
  4. Unified Managed Accounts. UMAs are investment accounts that let a money manager manage a number of different financial assets, such as bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs, in a single account. UMA integrates them all, in contrast to SMA, which requires the customer to create multiple accounts.

Our investment professionals work closely with clients to understand their preferences and recommend the most suitable managed account type.

Managed Account Management and Fees

Our team of experienced portfolio managers closely monitors the portfolios, regularly reviewing and adjusting investment strategies to ensure they remain in line with market conditions and client objectives. Regardless of your managed account type, we can deliver the best results.

We believe in transparent and fair fee structures, with fees typically based on a percentage of the assets under management and the management fees. Detailed information regarding our fee structure can be obtained from our dedicated client services team.

Managed Account Performance and Risks

Evaluating the performance of managed accounts is a critical aspect of investment management. We employ rigorous performance measurement techniques to assess the effectiveness of our investment strategies. 

However, it is important to note that investing in managed accounts carries inherent risks. Market fluctuations, changes in economic conditions, and individual investment performance can impact the overall portfolio returns. We will carefully monitor market conditions and choose the most efficient approaches to evaluate your managed account performance and deal with the risks.

Why us, could be responded by the What sets us apart, namely:

Profound expertise

We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of our client’s needs. Headquartered in Luxembourg but with a global reach, we are experts in cross-border solutions. Thales Capital team has an average of 20 years of experience gained at international banks and leading investment firms.


Punctuality and discretion are primordial to long-term financial development and investment performance. Thales Capital delivers well-planned, reliable advice and execution you can rely on. and are committed to being at your disposal.

Loyalty to our customers

To ensure that your interests and goals are always pursued efficiently and effectively, we have a lean and agile structure.

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