What is E-money?

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In the modern world, it is almost impossible to imagine daily life without electronic money, not to mention any business operations. E-money is a convenient way to transfer funds worldwide both for businesses and individuals. In this article, we will review electronic money as a concept and as a system. What is electronic money, and […]

Difference between Electronic Money Institution and Authorized Payment Institution

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The two main types of financial organizations are Authorized Payment Institutions and E-money Institutions. Knowing the difference between these two is a must if you plan to apply to obtain a financial license. The difference between e-money and authorized payment institutions Both Authorized Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions offer payment processing services for companies. […]

Types of payment licenses in the European Union

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A payment business nowadays expects months of anticipation for a PI or EMI authorization. However, it should not be tiresome, especially if you ask our experts for help. In this article, we will again review the most common payment licenses in Europe and their authorization process. The most popular payment license types in Europe The […]

What is Banking as a service?

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It’s simpler than ever for companies from many sectors to incorporate financial services in their products or customer journeys thanks to the development of banking as a service (BaaS) implementations. This way, different platforms become a one-stop shop with these customized financial services, allowing users to handle every element of their business in one location. […]

Set up a company or a fund in Mauritius

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Many investors thinking about establishing a fund consider Mauritius as a starting point because of its flourishing financial sector full of opportunities. With flexible management choices and simple and well-known fund designs, it has become increasingly popular recently. The country is also acknowledged as a significant driver of development for blockchain ventures and other alternative […]

Governance for companies and investment vehicles in Luxembourg

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  Luxembourg has maintained its solid reputation as a top destination for numerous investment funds. Both legal and regulatory environments are continuously being enhanced to provide investment managers with the finest resources for structuring their investments and safeguarding investors’ interests. Protecting the fund’s investors is the primary goal of fund governance. The board must make […]

Solutions for banking connectivity

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Business executives are eager for faster financial transactions for their firms as customer desire for simplicity and quickness in payments has spilled over into everyone’s professional life. The prospects are infinite when companies are linked to their banks as easily as they are to their clients and suppliers. A modern company with connected banking may […]

Renewable energy asset class

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One of the biggest problems for institutional investors is allocating significant sums of money and managing rising liability obligations. Fighting climate change, its effects on the economy, and more widely with what it already entails in terms of adaptability for everyone and everything, is at the same time one of the largest challenges for the […]

Create an SPF (Private Wealth Management Company)

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International corporations can set up an investment firm to look after private people’s assets thanks to the Luxembourg SPF Law. SPFs, or private wealth management companies, are permitted to purchase, keep, manage, and sell any type of financial asset in Luxembourg, but they are not permitted to carry on business operations. A private wealth management […]

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