Tax optimization and financial holdings

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The goal of tax optimization is to reduce the amount of taxes owed by adhering to the laws and regulations that are in place in a particular country where the company is registered. The importance of tax optimization The following explains the necessity of tax optimization: Small businesses or individuals may have difficulty accessing funding […]

Tailored PERE transactions

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Private Equity Real Estate refers to businesses that raise money to buy, build, run, enhance, and resell properties in order to make money for their investors. PERE is similar to traditional private equity but with buildings instead of other assets. All PERE fund administration services can be adapted to your specific requirements ‒ including tailored […]

PSD2 and EMD regulation

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The first PSD, or Payment Services Directive, was designed and implemented in 2009. This directive regulated online payments in accordance with EU laws, also allowing non-bank institutions to accept them. A few years later, an updated version of the directive emerged ‒ PSD2. This article will help you get a better understanding of the most […]

What is E-money?

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In the modern world, it is almost impossible to imagine daily life without electronic money, not to mention any business operations. E-money is a convenient way to transfer funds worldwide both for businesses and individuals. In this article, we will review electronic money as a concept and as a system. What is electronic money, and […]

Difference between Electronic Money Institution and Authorized Payment Institution

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The two main types of financial organizations are Authorized Payment Institutions and E-money Institutions. Knowing the difference between these two is a must if you plan to apply to obtain a financial license. The difference between e-money and authorized payment institutions Both Authorized Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions offer payment processing services for companies. […]


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